Dialogue Audits

Most progressive organisations pride themselves on having in place communication processes that enable two-way communication. However, offering employees the opportunity to give feedback is not the same as involving them in an authentic conversation. Feedback more often than not is a process; conversation is a real-time activity. Feedback is controlled; conversations are often unscripted and liable to go ‘off-piste’.

And yet the latter is increasingly important in the modern economy as the traditional ‘command and control’ style of management declines and employees seek more authentic dialogue with their manager and leaders.

We help our clients to understand the current opportunities that exist in their organisations for employees to engage in real dialogue with management. We do this as follows:

  • Run our proprietary Dialogue Audit process, based on the six attributes of effective dialogue; and
  • We augment this by reviewing existing in-house data such as engagement surveys and communication audits, and by interviewing a cross-section of employees at different levels.

The outcome

Real feedback on which to create more opportunities for authentic dialogue.