The 5 Super-Skills of Effective Conversations™

Equipping line managers with the skills to have more effective conversations

What are The 5 Super-Skills?

Conversations are based on a distinct set of skills and attitudes – and some people are clearly much more effective than others. Our courses introduces participants to ‘The 5 Super-Skills of Effective Conversations™’ and allow them to develop personal actions plans to better lead and engage in effective workplace conversations.

Diagram showing the five Superskills

The 5 Super-Skills

Presence: Maintaining undivided attention, really ‘being there’.
Hyper-awareness: Acute self-awareness of biases, beliefs and emotional triggers.
De-coding: Drawing out what the other person is really saying.
Voicing: Speaking out with courage and conviction.
Flow Control: Managing conversations – the beginning, middle and end.

In-House or Out-sourced

We are happy to design and run large-scale programmes, in different geographies if necessary, or to work with you to equip your in-house team to deliver the workshops.

The Benefits

Conversations at all levels that build trust, improve employee engagement, align organisational and individual goals, create a better working environment, increase collaboration and improve performance.