Virtual Dialogue

Tapping into the wisdom of the whole organisation using Virtual Dialogue

What is Virtual Dialogue?

There are times when a question needs to be discussed with the whole organisation – in a way that is safe, quick and cost-effective. Virtual Dialogue is a way of eliciting, capturing and analyzing the views of hundreds of employees in an online brainstorm. It enables leaders to translate the tacit knowledge in their organisation into a valuable resource for making decisions.

When is it helpful?

Clients find it helpful in the following situations:

  • To create a shared company vision
  • To discover emerging customer needs
  • As input to conferences and management meetings
  • During M&As – finding the key stumbling blocks early
  • When on-boarding a new CEO – as a quick way to connect with employees


  • Cost-efficient way to gather input from large number of people
    • Conduct a “1000-person focus group” quickly
  • Empowerment – direct line to the top of the organisation
    • By-passes organisational filters
  • People respond differently, but no less seriously, when working individually online, than in a social situation
    • Diversity of opinions helps to challenge entrenched cognitive models
  • Encourages discussion, even from difficult issues, on a more neutral basis
    • Enables asking even dumb questions either from top down or bottom up