cover of case study entitled Transforming Conversations at Virgin Trains

Transforming Conversations at Virgin Trains

Working with The Right Conversation, Virgin Trains equipped its leaders with the skills to transform conversations within its business.

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cover of The Little Book For The Performance Conversationalist publication

The Little Book for The Performance ConversationalistHow to place regular communication at the heart of performance management Download

Co-Authors: Aidan Alston, Talent and Diversity Manager, the Post Office and Dik Veenman, Founder, The Right Conversation

“The performance of an organisation is changed one conversation at a time”

Dik Veenman
The Right Conversation

Dialogue: the single most powerful tool for change

The landscape in which business leaders and managers operate is changing. Traditional ‘command and control’ is giving way to a more inclusive management style; rapidly changing markets demand ever more cross-functional collaboration and faster innovation; trust in leaders and what they say is at an all-time low. The need for authentic, open dialogue within organisations has never been greater.

At The Right Conversation we are experts at having conversations. We offer highly effective and innovative facilitation, consulting and training services to help leaders and managers improve the effectiveness and authenticity of the many different conversations they have – and so make authentic, open dialogue a part of everyday management.

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