Harvard Business Review

The Problem with Saying “My Door Is Always Open”

by Megan Reitz and John Higgins, March 09, 2017

“Leaders often have an inflated idea of how easy it is for others to speak honestly to them. Our two-year research study, including interviews with over 60 senior executives, as well as workshops and case studies, illuminates a glaring blind spot: We simply don’t appreciate how risky it can feel for others to speak up.”

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Dialogue: the single most powerful tool for change

The landscape in which business leaders and managers operate is changing. Traditional ‘command and control’ is giving way to a more inclusive management style; rapidly changing markets demand ever more cross-functional collaboration and faster innovation; trust in leaders and what they say is at an all-time low. The need for authentic, open dialogue within organisations has never been greater.

At The Right Conversation we are experts at having conversations. We offer highly effective and innovative facilitation, consulting and training services to help leaders and managers improve the effectiveness and authenticity of the many different conversations they have – and so make authentic, open dialogue a part of everyday management.

We need to talk…