Large group meetings and management off-sites all too often default to a series of one-way presentations followed by a Q&A and a few token breakout sessions. Or to series of unstructured conversations that ramble on without leading to new thinking or clear actions.

This is a missed opportunity because these meetings can be extremely powerful opportunities to engage large numbers of managers and employees in genuine conversation about the business.

At The Right Conversation we specialise in facilitating meetings that result in genuine dialogue. Techniques we use include Open Space and World Café, as well as designing bespoke formats for smaller groups.

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"We used Open Space as part of the annual meeting of our top 400 managers. The feedback was tremendous – 99% of participants rated it as the highlight of the two-day event and, more importantly, and unlike many other conference activities we have used, it generated real outputs – in a little less than three hours 400 managers identified and debated nearly 90 topics covering virtually every aspect of the challenges we need to address as a business."
P Varin
CEO,Corus Steelmakers
"Dik facilitated an Open Space meeting for our Top 70 managers recently, which was a marked departure from how we normally run our meetings. It was an outstanding 3 hours which engaged everyone, generated a huge amount of energy and most importantly, lots of fresh thinking’"
Alison Crosland
Group Director, Corporate Services, Ofcom
"Outstanding facilitation of our 2 day team off-site. Focused discussion, tangible outcomes and very enjoyable."
Peter Bols
Group Finance Director, MBDA

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