Provoking leaders to question how their organisations 'talk'

Changing the quality of conversations in organisations has to start with changing the attitudes of the senior leaders. A failure to do this runs the risk of any up-skilling workshops being viewed as a training programme for middle managers, rather as an intervention into the culture of the organisation.

Our talks, which draw on a wide range of societal, business and academic research, are specifically designed to challenge leaders to think differently about how their organisation talk and how they as leaders set the tone. We call this Conversational Leadership.

Conversational Leadership

All organisations develop habits over time that underpin how people talk and interact, some of which are helpful and some of which are not. Our Provoke talks are designed to cause senior leaders to reflect on these habits in light of the wider environment in which they operate - political, economic and societal - and to introduce them to the concept of Conversational Leadership.

'Provokes' are the perfect kick-off to a wider programme to improve the quality of conversation, or as a thought provoking session in a management off-site

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"Just to say thank you for the thought provoking session you ran with the Sussex Police leaders. Your style allowed us to holdup a mirror for us to see our practices. I hear your words in conversations with colleagues round the Force so I know the messages have stuck! "
Olivia Pinkney
Deputy Chief Constable, Sussex Police
"A brilliant session that has got everyone buzzing"
Sharon White
CEO, Ofcom
"I highly recommend Dik for his deep knowledge of the subject and his willingness to challenge a senior audience to think differently’"
Drew McMillan
Employee Engagement Manager, Virgin Trains
"Dik recently ran a session with our 70 senior leaders on how to create a culture of open dialogue which was rated the most thought provoking of the 2-day event. Dik’s presentation style is light-hearted and accessible yet challenging and thought provoking’"
Head of OD, Northumbrian Water
"Brilliant and engaging 3 hour session today looking at collapsing public trust, societal changes and how we as Police leaders can create a ‘Speak Up’ culture"
Kerrin Wilson
Head of Cleveland & Durham Police Special Operations

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