Speaking Truth to Power

The Right Conversation has been involved in a 5 year research programme with Ashridge Hult Business School looking into how‘Truth Speaks to Power’. The findings have been published widely, including in the Harvard Business Review, and also in our recent book, ‘Speak Up’.

Drawing on this research and using our unique diagnostic, the Speak Up Index, we design and deliver programmes to change the 'Speak Up' culture in organisations. We also deliver keynote talks based on the research findings to help start a conversation about Speaking Up.

The Speak Up Index

One of the challenges in tackling the issue of ‘speaking up’ is to start the conversation with senior leaders, who typically require evidence which demonstrates there is a problem. To address this we have used the research findings to develop a unique diagnostic tool, the Speak Up Index, which measures 4 aspects of an organisation’s ‘speak up’ culture:  


How psychologically safe is it to speak up? What are the consequences?


Do insights and experiences get freely shared up and down the hierarchy?


Are employees at all levels actively invited to use their ‘voice’?


Does senior management act on what it hears?

Start your conversation journey

Using the Index

  • A vertical slice of employees complete a 25 question anonymous questionnaire
  • A report is generated which scores the organisation … and benchmarks this score against those from other organisations
  • The leadership team is debriefed as a starting point for a conversation on how to drive improvements
"Brilliant and engaging session looking at collapsing public trust, societal changes and how we as Police leaders can create a ‘Speak Up’ culture"
Kerrin Wilson
Head of Cleveland & Durham Police Special Operations
"A very though provoking session that has got lots of people thinking about their leadership style"
Nick Eveleigh
Chief Executive, Chelmsford City Council

If ‘speaking truth to power’ is an issue in your organisation please get in touch for an initial conversation.